Hi. I’m Big Pizzle. I am an Alchemist. Translation: I am a coldworker, and I Electroform.

Welcome to the world of Electroformed Art. Welcome to Chaos Kontrolled.

Chaos Kontrolled is the home of Big Pizzle, combined with collaborative efforts amongst many artists around the globe.  I strive to push the envelope of traditional glass and functional glass art through means only imaginations can produce.

At Chaos Kontrolled, the focus is custom, one of a kind electroformed pieces, as well as collabs with talented and amazing artists. If you would like one of your glass items Electroformed, please read a few bits of information which will help speed things along.

The Electroforming I do is unique. You will never see two pieces of art look the same. This is because I strive to go well beyond the basic Electroforming process, and spend a lot of time with patina mixtures and color blending. All of these take time, and adds many weeks to the process. Think of the glass as a base canvas, the Electroformed copper as the supplementary canvas, and the patina work “Alchemist Magic”.

I have also perfected a process and technique which I have labeled “Pizzle Plate Technology”. Originally created and perfected by myself, Big Pizzle – it is a time consuming process which is applied after the patinas and sealant work is completed. This process protects the copper and patina from further degradation, withstanding temperatures in excess of 500 degrees F, and is chemically resistant to cleaners. This process finally gives you the freedom to clean your Electroformed piece as you wish, something which has not been achieved before. All customs, including the CK Kandy line of Electroforming, will have Pizzle Plate Technology.

Minimum custom electroformed order is $500. At this time smaller, singular items will not be Electroformed at this time such as pendants, slides, and similar. To get an idea of prices, “Macro” type functional art pieces start around that price, with larger items going beyond that.

If your piece doesn’t speak to me, I won’t Electroform it. I strive to push the boundaries of contemporary Electroforming, and am selective with the canvas I work on.

In order to provide you a better quote I will need some information as to what you’d like done to it. Please check out http://www.chaoskontrolled.com/ckgallery to see past customs I have done for others. Most people prefer to gather a few ideas, color combinations, and let me run with it. I focus on complete, functional pieces. Depending on how Bo$$ you want your glass Electroformed will determine the price.

There is a waiting list. In order to get on the waiting list, first we need to talk about what you’d like done, and then a deposit based on how much the total is, is required. I accept all types of payment, with some options requiring fees to be paid by you.  I require age verification before final sale, to protect us both.

If you are a glass artist and would like to collab, please contact me for further information. Due to time constraints, I am not able to collaborate with everyone.  I look to collaborate with professional glass artists who are as passionate of their art as I am.

Due to my desire to continue and push the envelope of traditional Electroforming, I do not have time to answer any questions regarding the art form. Please respect this, as well as other artists by refraining from “shop talk”. All questions and Shop Talk will be respectfully ignored.

Thank you so much!

E-Mail: bigpizzle at chaos kontrolled
Instagram: @thereal_bigpizzle
Web Site: www.chaoskontrolled.com